Yoga & music

Yoga & Music

Yoga & Music was never different from each other.

We can see in India from vedic time, all the yogis, and holly people always used the music for spiritual purposes and development.

As we know that the yoga means the connection of body, mind and soul. The hatha yoga prepares our body, mind and soul to bring it in a certain balance, from there the individual is ready to receive the higher consciousness

Ok, if our body is ready to receive to the higher consciousness, then the question is how we can get the higher consciousness. The answer is meditation. What does meditation? It can bring bliss, eternal joy and the answer to all what we are searching for. And then we can claim that we are a human being and at least that will makes us different from the animals.

But in our dally life, it is very difficult to do the meditation in the right way. Because Meditation is just not  resting with closed eyes, What people does often.

But good music, especially Indian classical music has an ability to bring us in trance.

When we get the state of trance (bliss), only then we can claim we are doing the real yoga.
Other wise it is better not to call it yoga, but fitness or aerobic.

In this world there are many yoga teachers who have no interest in India, Indian music, or the Indian culture, but still they want to call them selves yoga teacher (yogi).

Some people say that in there yoga tradition, music, mantra or meditation does not exist. We should know there are no 100 forms of yoga,  People are very creative and make there own yoga form and they give it an own name. But the truth is, source of all yoga is, from yoga sutra of Patanjali rishi.

After al if we drink water from a different glass, still water stays water, we can not say it is a cup water, or glass water, or pot water.

So we should realize that,
from time to time listen to the Indian classical music is very good, because this is very much necessary, as well for yoga teachers, and also for the yoga students.