Indian classical music

Indian classical music

Indian classical music is not only an enjoyment but it also contains the knowledge to bring balance into people's lives and their environment.

The music has many different pieces called "Ragas" Every Raga has a different balancing influence on the time/ part of the day and seasons of the year (the biorhythm of nature). All ragas are built up by rules and notes which are closely connected with the rhythms of nature.

Bio-rhythms are influenced by time, day, night, the seasons and climatologically circumstances which have a continuous influence on the development of all living organism. Human beings are also influenced by these rhythms and will definitely, by practicing this music and listening to it, receive the positive radiation.

The Sitar is a refined head string instrument which is always accompanied by a rhythmic instrument called Tabla. Together they form a melodious harmonious rhythmic ensemble.
The sitar has 7 head strings above and 11 sub strings below, which take care of the right sound vibrations.
The sitar is partly made of wood and the skin of a pumpkin.


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