Biography Co-musicians

Biography Co Musicians

Subrata Paul (Tabla player):

A remarkable tabla player, born in durgapur was brought up enthusiastic parents who were ardent lovers of music had helped their son to grow up with fondness and attachment towards the Indian music. Subrata began his music lessons with Pandit ShyamaPada Mukherjee a direct disciple of the great maestro Pandit Gyan Prakash at present he is the disciple of the great tabla exponent pandit shankar ghosh. Subrata is a regular artist of Radio and T.V.also giving concert in W.D.R (GERMAN RADIO & T.V) He has also accompanied in many regional films and music albums. He has travelled in many European countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium. Sweden and many other places, Accompanying artists from India. He has accompanied with many renowned artists of the Hindustani music of India